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Guest In The City Series, Begins in Boulder

Guest In The City Series, Begins in Boulder

Guest in the City, Boulder, Colorado

Stay: The St. Julien Hotel – Comfortable Luxury, Boutique Hotel + Attentive Staff. Read my review on Trip Advisor

But 1st, the Back Story: (because there's always a back story with me.)

Flags, and what they represent to me. If I'm new to a city and I am looking for a great place to stay, I always look for flags. Yes, flags-- beautiful, waving, floating, multinational flags. When you see flags, it's usually the sign of a luxury hotel. And a place I will feel comfortable, at home and at ease. Traveling can take a lot of you, so it’s nice to feel comfortable; and definitely a top priority for me.

So, it goes something like this. Dad and I arrive in Rome and check into our hotel – all of a sudden crocodile tears just burst out from my eyes. It's not something I can control. It hits me just below the heart, in my gut, this uncomfortable feeling overcomes me and simply manifests itself. It's not in my head, it's a feeling, and I agree there is nothing rational about it. Fight or flight, perhaps. As I was crying, sitting slumped on the bed, in the barren room, I said between sniffles, trying to catch my breathe, "I saw flags, dad."

It was around 11:30 at night, as we headed out on foot, after a very long and tiring flight from San Francisco-- yes, in search of flags, specifically, the flags I noticed as the cab drove us to our sad hotel. Dad and I wandered up and down the streets looking at a few hotels. I can always tell a luxury hotel by its lobby, but nothing felt right, so we moved on until we found this grand building, the one with the flags. It was the St. Regis Hotel. Nirvana! We moved! Love Dad!! Dad never wants to see his baby girl sad.

Which leads me to the hotel at hand. The St. Julien Hotel.

A few years back when Bianca and I were visiting colleges, CU Boulder was on our itinerary. Having just arrived from Chicago and the beautiful Drake Hotel we found now ourselves in Boulder at the Boulderado Hotel. In one word, haunted. I felt a little claustrophobic with all the flowery wallpaper and close quarters. Bianca said, "Mom, its only a night.” “Don't call the front desk!"  "I can't stay in this room, Bianca,” I replied. Needless to say, we moved rooms. It was bigger but still not my style, nor in my comfort zone. It's just a feeling I get. I can't help it. I just start to have trouble breathing.

So Bianca and I are sitting on the bed looking at the cute Boulder map with animated icons and illustrations, and I tell her not to worry that she can still go to CU, and I would just stay in Denver at the Four Seasons Hotel or The Ritz Carlton. "It is only 30 minutes away," I assured her. Then I noticed on the local map a place with flags. So we mustered up some energy after our long few days of traveling and school tours and headed to the place with the flags. We arrived, only to find a small gem. Yes, it was a hotel with flags, The St. Julien Hotel. We’ve been together now for 6.5 years and it has been a lovely relationship-- our home away from home. Although since we visit Boulder so often, we have tried out a few Denver hotels. (Guest In The City - Luxe Life Daily Blog on Denver to follow another time.)

Now that you know all about the flags and how important a luxury hotel is to me let's move on to restaurants.

Eat: To Note: Although I enjoy a good meal, the menu isn't as important to me as the ambiance and the vibe of the place. As noted earlier, there's always a side note with me.

First stop is always, The Kitchen. Not the Kitchen Next Door but The Kitchen. Always a fresh farm to table menu. But, I can never get enough of their delicious whole-wheat nut bread, I always enjoy their cheese board and salads. The Look: Crisp and bright with lots of white and wooden farm tables. No matter what time you arrive to town, be sure to book on Open Table as The Kitchen books up fast. Great for brunch, lunch and dinner. We've hit it at all times.

Next Up. Italian Food, our favorite.

Pizzaria Locale for lunch or dinner, inside or out. - It’s always on our stop. It's too good not to. And of course, Italian restaurants always have the best vibe. Simple, friendly happy people, right? Makes #DebbisFavorites every time - excellent food with the perfect vibe.

Happy Hour or a Late Night Snack: Tahona Tequila Bistro on Pearl Street - must try the Tortilla Soup. Yum!

Shop: Pearl Street Mall with all the fun and interesting shops, street performers and more. Be sure to stop by Steve Madden Shoes. I purchase a pair every visit, almost.

Spa: Pamper yourself at the Spa @ the St. Julien. Pool, steam, Jacuzzi, gym followed by a deep tissue massage and of courses a hydrating facial. Because the mountains, altitude and dry weather really wreaks havoc on my face.

Hike: if that's your thing. The Flatirons are simply stunning. More of a city girl I enjoy walking along the Boulder Creek, it’s so beautiful! Others prefer to raft or tube down the creek when it's really flowing in the summer.

Visit CU and catch a Colorado football game. Don't miss Ralphie, the best mascot ever. She's a female buffalo who runs around the stadium to open the game and again at half time. After CU wins, head over and enjoy post game cocktails at the St. Julien Hotel in the lobby bar with a roaring fire and usually live music.

If you want more scoop or recommendations, just ask!

Happy Traveling! XOXO!


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