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The Day After

The Day After

The Daze Afterwards

I woke up not knowing who had won or who had lost. It was dark, around 430 AM. No readers in site I turned over and googled "President". Although I couldn't see very well without my glasses or in the dark for that matter, I could, however, clearly see "the winner" as the screen lit up like the sun.

Living in California, not far from the UC Berkeley campus atop the highest point in the Oakland-Berkeley Hills, I sat up, and listened intently.

I heard nothing.


Expecting to hear or see helicopters dotting the skies or even a ball of fire in the near distance. I was nervous. Anxious. Afraid.

It was September 11th all over again. That morning I was also up early. A friend called and shouted into the phone, "we've been attacked!" I couldn't understand or conceive what she was saying. I looked out in the distance over the sparkling San Francisco Bay, and did not see anything out of the norm. As I attempted to gather more information from my very upset friend, heart pounding, and what I saw frightened me.

I saw nothing. Not one plane. The vacancy in the sky was ominous.

On the morning of November 9th, 2016 the concern and angst I was feeling was from the impending fall out, no matter the winner. The ugliness. The meanness. The pure disgust of the campaign wore on me.

As always in crisis, my first thought is to reach out to the kids. "I love you" I texted Bianca and Chase. 

Nothing.  No response.

But not unusual.

I texted Chase separately.

Love you. 

Love you. 

You okay?

Of Course. 

Before I awoke that morning I was having a nightmare. Chase, my baby, our college sophomore, was a young boy and I could not get to him. I dream a lot. I internalize more than I show and it usually manifests itself in my dreams.

It was awful. It's been awful.

But today is a new day.

And we must live our lives and move on.

What is done is done and the sooner we get back to business the better.  #RiseAbove

When you are derailed ( anytime in life ) take a breathe, and a break, but then get back on track. #GetBackToBusiness

Healing will take time no doubt, but you, we, must move forward. What is the point to moan, groan and/or hurt others who are hurting to? Life is not perfect.

No one said it would be easy. It is the cards that were dealt. Rise above. Be kind and move on. It's okay to hurt.

It's okay to hurt, and to take pause.

Writing helps. Get it out. Talking things out is also good. Don't hold it in. Vent to a friend.

In the end I am sure everything will be okay.

The glass is always half full.


#MindSet #MindOverMatter

#RiseAbove #MoveOn #MoveForward #FindYourPeace

Happy Veterans Day!

#GodBlessAmerica #Freedom #USA

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