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I do wish I took the time to Blog and share my thoughts more often. However, thoughts, ideas and questions hit me like a lightening bolt -- unprepared without pen, lap top or other writing device and the timing is usually not ideal either, as I always seem to be driving or, it is the early morning hours when I half asleep / half conscious, still dark out, and I am just too cozy nestled in my bed surrounded by my puffy down comforter and down pillows I can't get myself to put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to the computer.

Today, as like last week, the word 'perspective' popped starting swirling around in my mind. When that happens I feel compelled to share.

perspective / per'spektiv :

synonyms: point of view, frame of reference, standpoint, etc - you get my drift.

Last week I felt like I was being pulled and tugged in every direction and was being asked to solve issues at lightening speed - forget what else was on my plate. I was so relieved that everything turned out fine, as it usually does, all in good time. As it turned out I had a few days at the Four Season's previously booked in Southern California, so the timing could not have been more perfect! ( Thank gosh! ) As soon as I boarded that plane to Beverly Hills it was as if all cares washed away, like a shower, a detox scrub or very hot steam ( I can never sweat in a sauna ).

The first point I am trying to make ( although our trip was totally fantastic! ) is that it is important to change your PERSPECTIVE - whether your outlook, your location or just mix things up, take an alternative route or try to see a situation from another point of view. We tend to forget when we get so bogged down or in some days, buried in the minutiae.

That was last week.

Last week I needed to bolt and change up my routine. I did, and it totally helped! I highly recommend it!

This morning around 5:30 am, the typical time these lighting bolts or thoughts hit me, the word PerSpecTive popped up again. The meaning this morning, however, was different.

Texting with my friend, yep, she was up early too - who was reminding me about my noon appointment with her. She asked me to print out the paper and bring it with me. As a Realtor and a consummate perfectionist ( I should say crazy or insane ) perfectionist - I was a bit taken aback. As a Realtor ( among other things ) I would never think of showing up at a previously booked, previously planned appointment without a presentation or branded folder complete with my business card and whatever else was being requested of me. So this morning when I was asked ( as the client ) to take my time to go to my office ( opposite direction ) print out and bring with me to my appointment the paperwork the provider ( my friend ) had prepared for me, I must admit, I was a bit shocked. Wait, aren't I the client, I thought? And then asked.

Perspective. Per.spec.tive

In my mind, or I should say, " from my perspective "  she was being very professional and was missing out on many potential branding opportunities. In my mind, she should prepare a lovely folder, complete with definitions of what I was to learn, her business card, description of her many services and of course my chart, the very reason I had hired her and why we were meeting. But she instead texted, "Go to the office, print it out and bring it with you before we meet, that would be good!"

Do you know how much I have to do before noon! I thought to myself.

Never one wanting to cause waves or hurt anyone's feelings I considered whether or not I should say anything. I know that if I could improve on any aspect in my own life I would want to know, so I texted back.

In the end, the lesson learned is that we each have our own perspective. I felt she was being cheap, unprofessional, not doing her job and not treating me as a client, or how I treat my own clients. I was also a bit shocked because she prides herself on doing things really well.

I am glad I asked.

From her perspective, and I quote: "... this is CHINESE/TIBETAN medicine...client/patient involvement in the process/healing is central difference. It is not a passive approach. The more you are involved, the more you get out of it. XO It's an East meets West different approach and so there it is! lol

If you know me personally or even from afar, or have followed my Blog or social media posts, there is NOTHING passive about Debbi DiMaggio !

I was happy she shared her reasoning, and let her know she might want to share that with her clients and friends, especially the professional go-getter's she must work with, who I am certain are all, over-achievers who may see things just how I did this morning.

To Note: I do understand her line of thinking. I do the same when I am teaching a class. I too ask that my students come prepared and ready to work. I explain my reasoning up front so they understand it is in their best interest. Reading the material ahead of time allows the student to become familiar with the material prior to class. Always good practice. As there is always, two sides to every story and oftentimes we simply interpret things differently; it is best to be clear.


Two sides to every story.

Take a break or vacation!

See things differently.

Happy Monday! XOXO!



see things differently
Look at things differently.
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