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Foundation 4 Success - On The Other Side of 25

Foundation 4 Success is my way of giving back to young people entering the world after high school, after college and as they make their way into the workplace.

“If I knew than, what I know now.”


If I knew than what I know now I may not have been so hard on myself or eager to move life and career, ahead so urgently. Timelines can create havoc one oneself.

Confidence can be subtle. Confidence can be loud.
Confidence is not necessarily beautiful or handsome.  
Confidence is never arrogant.
Confidence does not brag.
Confidence is, however, powerful. And, yes, confidence can be sexy.

Confidence portrays strength and knowledge. Confidence in oneself oftentimes instills confidence in another. Trust and confidence, we oftentimes hear these two words together. We tend to trust people who are confident and certain.

For me it's about over learning whatever it is so well, that the act or thing becomes so familiar it becomes so effortless I don't even have to think what I'm going to say because its inherent and part of me.

From practice and perfection and knowledge, confidence is born. It's a super cool feeling.

Confidence comes from knowing your craft so well it becomes effortless without thought; you just know, and just do.

I enjoy profiling people. Seeing who they are. How they operate. So it's not surprising I've come across a few confident people in my lifetime.

The word confidence came to mind the other day as I found myself in the presence of a person, one would not think confident would be at the top of the list. I guess that's why it surfaced today. It also brought me back. Throughout my life I've met a lot of people. All types of people with an array of personalities and traits, nice, rude, kind and considerate, arrogant, and sweet, shy, insecure, AH's, jerks, and of course many confident people as well. I've even dated some men that were not even 5's on a scale of 1 to 10. You're saying what the heck, why?  I'll tell you why. It was their confident attitude that swung the pendulum in their favor. One guy even said to me that he didn't even know why I liked him, as in his words, "I'm not good looking at all." Confidence, not arrogance, is sexy. Kindness not jerky is also very sexy, in my humble opinion.

My heart just melts when a young man, or older man, offers his seat to me or someone else, or who sees you struggling or even before you're struggling and sees it coming, he gets up out of his seat while all the others are watching you with disdain, and the kind man offers his assistance, lifting your bag into the overhead bin. Guaranteed I recall those guys. My dad for one is the consummate gentleman. (I happen to be flying as I typed this, so flying and travel is top of mind.)

Confidence is an internal attitude. One does not have to be thin or pretty, handsome or buff. It helps sometimes, but oftentimes the beautiful person lacks confidence just like anyone else.

So how does one go about gaining and building their confidence? For me it's about feeling good about myself. Am I eating right?  Working out? Oh dear, when I eat a lot of sugar or carbs, I lose it. I just want to hide. So if I'm going to eat that stuff it happens at night so I can go straight to bed. Ugh! Not good. I also feel confident when I know what I'm talking about. That's when I am unflappable and in control. (In Control. That’s a topic for another day.) Whether I'm talking about real estate or any other subject. Knowing your subject matter, intimately, and sharing something you are passionate about will only help to boost ones confidence.

So don't focus on the things you can't change, work on your inner beauty, your inner dialogue, your confidence and become proficient at the things you love and want to share. There's nothing sexier than a kind, attentive man with confidence.

XOXO! Debbi
Thoughts & Rumination's of the Hour

Typed from the blue skies somewhere between the West and the East Coast.      

And body language. Body language has a lot to do with portraying confidence. I won't linger on any longer but as I was looking for a photo to accompany this post these two popped up. I can see in this photo I felt much more confident and assured in the photo where I have one hand on my hip. My face looks more confident in this photo then the one with two hands on my hip. Although when I remove my head and just show my pose I seem very confident.



“Body language gives us away before we even have an opportunity to speak a word.”
Body Language

Body Language

I'm Glad You Asked

I'm Glad You Asked

Foundation 4 Success, Be Consistent

Foundation 4 Success, Be Consistent