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Morning Message, Morning Thought, Morning Inspiration

Good Morning!

Each more when I awake a new message or word is sent my way. Today, Brick #4 came at me as I, (Note To Self: well, let them read the story, Debbi. Don't edit before you re read what you wrote!)

Foundation For Success, Brick #4, laying your foundation.


Pivot and Turn

Duck, Cover and Roll

Lessons learned through sports.

As I was taking Biscuit out this taking Morning around 5AM my perfectly lined up shoes caught my eye. The word hadn't materialized yet, but the shoes just had to be captured. I was looking at my leopard boots and then at the summer shoes. I was thinking about how I was going to miss all my boots as we went into the next season. Summer was coming, so I would have to get my toes done, how I hate to sit through a manicure and pedicure, but it had to be done. As I snapped a few shots, from one angle to the next, I thought of the word Adjust. And then the rest is detailed here:

As I was saying, I noticed the neatly lined up shoes, my shoes, but, nope. I did not do that. I'm not that tidy. I'm more comfortable in controlled chaos. It was Adam who so neatly placed and positioned my shoes. As a moment cannot pass by without taking a photo or capturing an image I photographed the shoes, so perfectly positioned, as Biscuit stumbled out the front door. My love is 15. That's over 100, in dog years. I love Biscuit! I know he has a lot of fans. He's been a part of all our lives including our friends, our kid's friends and our family.


Snap. I take the photo.

Walk Biscuit in all of 5 minutes. Make coffee. Illy of course. Then the lesson comes to me. Today's Foundation For Success.... Brick #4: Adjust. 

One must learn to adjust to situations that arise in daily life, whether personal or business. Each day we encounter something new, oftentimes unexpected.  Sometimes it smooth and fluid, other times we are hit with a curve ball. We must learn to Tuck and Roll, Pivot and Turn and constantly Position, Re-position and Adjust. 

Foundation For Success, Learn To Adjust.

I wrote a Blog about this 4 plus years ago when our son was a Freshman at Piedmont High School. This lesson came to me as I watched him maneuver so gracefully on the field during his lacrosse and football games. I can see him so clearly in my mind, his moves so beautiful and graceful until wack! Someone nailed him or he nailed someone else! Ouch!

Sports teach us, sports prepare us.

An athlete isn't just a human specimen of beauty, stamina and strength with a gorgeous physique; a good athlete is so much more. They must prepare mentally as well as physically. An athlete will be given a new set of circumstances at every turn, during every play, with no idea of what's next. Sports is one of the best training grounds for anyone. ( Take Note: It doesn't have to be a rough sport.) An athlete must be highly alert and sensitive to their surroundings and must anticipate the next moment, the next move. As that next moment may bring them success or push them back.

Sports, one of my favorite metaphors of life. I've spent years watching sports whether with boyfriends or husband, and watching and attending almost every game our kids ever had.

This year, 24 years later is the first year without having our kids in sports. Our daughter was an avid athlete and dancer, and our son played it all, he was an incredible football player, cut short by time and poor coaching (that's another lesson coming soon) and over 10 years on the lacrosse field playing year round. It's been a sort of silent death. I miss watching him play, but he is happy and now has time to study, and enjoy all that college has to offer. Playing and practicing day in and day out takes a toll, and since he wasn't going to play professionally, it was time, and for the best. He's happy and that's all that matters. 

I see tomorrow's inspiration, Brick #5 Anticipate.

Anticipate your next move and the move of another. More on that tomorrow. For now I am exited to read a Direct Message I received on Instagram from a viewer on my Instagram Story. Each day I record a song. I love doing it. It's fun for me and gives me something to look forward to as I am driving from appointment to appointment. I also love seeing who's stopped by. Recently I've received messages from friends I now and others I don't sharing a memory that a song I recorded conjured up. It's quite enjoyable for me, as a consummate weaver and lover of connecting with people, real or virtually, and new or old friends.

I take requests. If you have a genre in mind, let me know. Yesterday's song was for a gal in South Dakota who when asked, she said "we listen to lots of country here."

More country to come! Miss South Dakota

Enjoy the ride! Message me your favorite Foundation For Success brick. I'm all ears, and love a good story, metaphor or suggestion. Do let me know if I can tag you or share your website. I won't infringe if you don't wish, but if I can send energy your way, I am happy to. I have an insatiable appetite to help and promote others with their own success.

It's a pleasure to meet you.


Foundation For Success, Brick #5: Reliable + Dependable

Foundation For Success, Brick #5: Reliable + Dependable

Just Do It!

Just Do It!