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Foundation 4 Success, Be Consistent

Foundation 4 Success, Be Consistent

Consistent. Consistency. Be Consistent.

Foundation For Success

On the other side of 25

Laying a strong foundation, one brick at a time. 

Whether it's your brand or a service, consistency is key.

Ask yourself. What is your brand? What is your message? 

Below: Linea Roma Eyewear, Miami Round Shaped Sunglasses. Las Vegas Boutique, pictured below.

( Main Photo: One of the many velvet rope tenders at the night club, XS at Encore, Las Vegas. Had to get a snap with that cool hair. This young man definitely is working on his brand. )

Consistency In Branding

Consistency In Branding

A quick recap:

Brick #1

Identifying Your Passion.

What are you passionate about? What excites you?

As the saying goes, “Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.”

Life's much better when we do what we love.

Identity something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning; now that is passion. It may take time. But keep searching.

Brick #2


Seek inspiration everyday. 

Inspiration will help you build, grow and develop your passion, your business and your life. Inspiration can be found everywhere if you simply pay attention.

Brick #3

Just Do It.

Don't let anything or anyone get in your way.

No excuses.

Push forward. Just Do It.

It's as simple as that.

#Brick 4

Adjust, Pivot & Turn. 

Oftentimes in life, as in sports we must adjust.

Lessons Learned Through Sports

Lessons Learned Through Sports

Things don't always go as planned, so we must learn to pivot and turn, and adjust our position. Understand, it is just a part of life, even expect it, and go with it. It's going to happen in every aspect of your life, whether personally, with a deal or in any business situation. When people are involved, emotions and opinions are simply part of the equation. Be ready. 

Brick #5

Reliable & Trustworthy.

Are you reliable? Reliability is key in life. If you are not reliable your business and personal life won't be as strong as it could be. Reliability. Working with or having a reliable friend is my most absolute favorite trait in a person. You know intuitively if you can count on someone. You know whether or not someone is reliable? Ask yourself; can I count on this person? It's truly the most cherished characteristic ever. Be the person one can count on in business and in your personal life. It'll take you far.

Brick #6

Consistent. Consistency. 

Being consistent, dependable and reliable are high on my list. Be the person in life who embodies all of those important and considerate traits. Here are a few examples.

1.  Health: Diet and Exercise

One must be consistent to stay in shape and keep fit. Establish a routine and stick to it. But don't kill or reprimand yourself if you mess up or fall off the wagon. Just get back on the horse as soon as you are able. And move on. 


2.  Professionally Speaking

In business, your colleagues know who is consistent and who is not. We know who is going to do what they say and say what they do. No one wants to go into business or a business deal with a wild card. 


3.  Service

Consistency in service is extremely important to me. When you have lived and traveled as much as I have you know which hotels, restaurants and stores you can count on to provide exceptional and consistent service, likewise, you know which are inconsistent and do not proved good service, ever. The Four Seasons tops the list. The Four Season’s Hotels & Resorts consistently provides excellent service. I have never been disappointed. Each and every Four Season's we have ever visited from Hawaii to Baltimore and everywhere in between has always provided exceptional service. I don't know about you, but I certainly find it impressive that all employees in such a large corporation can be trained to provide the same great service. Nordstrom’s also prides itself on excellent and consistent customer service. But unfortunately, I am always disappointed when I stop into any Macy’s Department Store. Well, I suppose, they are consistent, consistent for their poor service.

Team Work. Without consistency, this would not be possible.

Team Work. Without consistency, this would not be possible.

Meet Max, my summer intern. Max is a longtime friend of my son, Chase, and like a son to me. On day one of his summer internship he was thrown right in to the fray. Broker Tour in Piedmont at 166 Oak Road. So proud of him!


4.  New Kid On The Block

Like my summer intern, Max, who is a perfect example of someone working hard to do what's right and what's expected. He's learning on the job so he really doesn't know what to do or what's expected since real estate is like the ocean, it ebbs and flows and things change on a dime. If your interested in being in real estate, learning early to adjust, pivot and turn is a must. Only two weeks into our summer Internship and Max is doing an exceptional job. He follows through. He does what he's asked. He responds promptly. He's on it. And I know he is. I can trust he is going to follow through. His behavior and positive, can do attitude instills confidence in me and most importantly does not hold me down or back. And I don't have to micromanage him. He's an excellent communicator and allows me to do all of the other million things I need to get done in a day. One of the most valuable attributes Max is bringing to the table is that once I ask him to do something I am confident he's going to do it, which gives me the peace of mind and freedom to do what’s next on my long list. It's an extremely admirable trait to be able to trust someone enough because you know they will consistently follow through and you don't have to ask, remind or check up incessantly.

Max will go far. He's already exhibiting many important Foundation 4 Success attitudes, traits and characteristics.

I am fortunate to have him. Which leads me to

Brick #7

Gratitude. Gratefulness. Living a life with an Attitude of Gratitude.  Followed by Intentions, Setting Intentions.


A few, sweet stories about the kids. I adore Chase and Bianca's friends and have always enjoyed having them around. And the kids love being in our home or on vacation with us. These kids know they can consistently count on me. Whether being called in the middle of the night to pick them up because they got themselves into a bit of trouble or because they needed a ride in the early morning, rather than asking their own parents or the parents nearby. The kids trust and know, that I'm here for them now, just as I have always been, consistently throughout their lives. I'd drop anything for these kids.

Not only did we host a pool party for our kids friends while they were out of town in Boulder, but we were part of their senior trip, pictured here in Cabo San Lucas, 2015 among many other things we did and enjoyed with the mighty crew throughout their lives.



And of course in business, my colleagues in my office and throughout the other offices, the agents know I'm consistent and can be counted on. Likewise, I know whom I can trust and cannot. Once you deviate you will not be looked at the same.

It's a feeling people will have that no words can repair. So be careful. 




Foundation For Success, Brick #5: Reliable + Dependable

Foundation For Success, Brick #5: Reliable + Dependable