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You Win Some You Lose Some

You Win Some You Lose Some

You Win The Fly With The Honey Not The Vinegar.

You win some, you lose some, it's how you play the game.

Take Note: I woke up this morning to a lovely text. "Did you get the listing?"

"I'm not sure?" I responded.

"I'll do some digging." ...

"Okay" I replied. "Thx! Oh I hate to lose!"

He replied, "me too!"

At that moment I knew I'd hold him in a higher place in my heart. We are colleagues not competitors. It was so refreshing to hear his honesty. I share these words often with theagents I mentor, when I speak and in my books #RealEstateRules #52waystoachievesuccessinrealestate and #TheArtOfRealEstate #InsidersGuideToResidentialRealEstate ....  No one likes to lose.

How you handle yourself through it makes a huge difference. When I go on a listing appointment I never ask who they're interviewing. To me it doesn't matter. I'm my own competitor. It's up to me to win or lose. My deeper relationships lie within the entire real estate community. We will succeed together and fail together, win some lose some, but I guarantee the kinder you are the more opportunities you will have.. you and your clients. Why? Who wants to work with a 'know it all', a jerk. 


Note: A more appropriate photo coming soon. Off to SoulCycle, gotta dash!


“We are colleagues not competitors.”
I will repeat that phrase until the day I die. Hopefully someone is listening and it will make their life a little better.
Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

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