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Work From Anywhere

One of my favorite aspects about real estate is you can literally work from anywhere. Of course there are times you need to be front and center but oftentimes you can be on an airplane, in a restaurant, on a subway train, on vacation, in a limo, Uber, Taxi, or in your car - working. Nothing precludes one from working if you are serious about getting the job done for your clients, especially given all of the technology we have at our finger tips. And, we are constantly being introduced or bombarded by more! A double edged sword for sure!

The only time I really take a break from work, as I am very much a control freak, wanting to take care of each and everyone of my clients personally, is when I am abroad. In the 25+ years I have been living real estate, I can count on one had the few times I left my work behind for someone else to tend to.

Cuba! Just before the USA opened relations. Poor cell reception and high costs made phoning back to the states simply not feasible plus we were much too busy sightseeing, meeting locals and enjoying the many beautiful cities. A cultural experience beyond.

Australia. After traveling that far coupled with the time difference, I was going to enjoy my two weeks Down Under with my mother and daughter in Sydney, Hamilton and Hayman Islands and the Blue Mountains / Wolgan Valley.

Mexico. Over 10 years ago, cell reception was not as it is today, however, even when we visited in 2014 doing a deal was still not easy. I had a difficult time accessing Docusign, sending and receiving emails and my cell reception was not ideal either. But I negotiated through a multiple offer situation and SOLD the home!

Europe. My number one rule is, if I am in Europe, which usually means, Italy, there is no way I am wasting one moment being distracted from my roots, the beautiful architecture, the friendly people, delicious food or fabulous wine of this continent! Viva Italia!

Work from anywhere. Last night SOLD! As a waited for my client to arrive, sitting in my small white two seat convertible Mercedes 250 SLK, highlighting the contract listening to Eagles Radio on Pandora., he arrived. I got out of my car ( there was no room on the passenger side aka "my office desk" ) and he signed the contract on the top of the sun-roof while he held a separate conversation with his secretary on his cell phone. 

SIGNED! SOLD! And off to our Country Club for a celebratory cocktail. Cheers!

Note: ( And not one woman in site! What's with that! ) Old school Country Club I suppose. I can hang with the big boys! I grew up with most of them. It's just our small town community.






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